Tax Services

Individual and Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Whether you have a corporation, a partnership, a sole proprietorship, or are an individual, we can help you reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay the government, increasing the amount of money you have to spend or save. We know how to make tax credits and other helpful provisions in the tax law work for you. By increasing your tax deductions and reducing your taxable income by strategically using retirement accounts for example, we can minimize your tax liability and help you achieve your financial goals. Our situation-specific tax-planning strategies are designed to help minimize present and future tax liabilities while maximizing present and potential future tax deductions and cash flow. Tax laws are constantly changing. We can help you take advantage of these changes and find new strategies that will benefit you financially.

Estate, Gift, and Trust Tax-Return Preparation

We have extensive experience preparing estate, gift, and trust income-tax returns. Estate plans often have implications for several generations of beneficiaries, and this area of law is quite complicated. New legislation affects estates of all sizes, and we make it our business to stay informed on the most recent developments in estate and gift tax law.

Failing to plan appropriately for estate taxes and business succession is a common mistake that small, closely held businesses make. The effects can be devastating. We can review your current business succession and estate plans to ensure that they are appropriate to your needs. With proper planning, estate tax burdens can be minimized and the chances for smooth business succession can be improved.

IRS Representation

An IRS audit is a stressful and potentially life-altering event. Whatever the reason for your audit -- and it may be as simple as random selection -- you need someone who will always protect your best interest and fight for you as a taxpayer. We have experience working with auditors and can deal directly with the IRS to protect your rights. Auditors are trained to get more information from you than you are legally obligated to provide. It’s critical to have professional representation when dealing with the government and state taxing authorities. Allow us to answer any questions the IRS may be asking of you. We can protect your financial well-being.

Benefit Plan Required Annual Reporting

Companies are responsible for following the strict rules of IRS disclosure and reporting requirement that involve employee benefit plans. We offer employee-benefit consulting, plan administration, and record-keeping services to businesses of all sizes. Rollins & Van Lear will take the time to learn about your company's employee benefit plan needs and designing a comprehensive, tailored plan to meet your needs. Not only do we help establish your plan, but we keep your plan current as laws change also ensuring proper reporting to the IRS and participants. Our experience in this field allows you to feel assured regarding the retirement well-being for both your company and its employees.